Best of the Best - BLASTOFF distribution awards.

BLAST past all the hype, straight to a distribution deal.  Isn't that why we make our films?  So that the world will watch?  Our festival makes that possible.  A win or nomination at BLASTOFF can send your film straight to worldwide distribution.  No hype.  FACT.   Look at the possibilities.

Selected films, in any genre, will be offered profit-sharing distribution deals for submission to streaming and sales outlets (including Netflix and Amazon), worldwide.

BLASTOFF is proudly partnered with InkTip


Producers have made more than 375 films from scripts and writers found through InkTip.

Companies who are InkTip members include: ABC, Anonymous Content, APA, CBS Films, HBO Films, ICM, Paradigm, Paramount Pictures, Hallmark Channel, FX, Universal, WME, Echo Lake, Zero Gravity, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, and many more.





Best Los Angeles Screenplay theme-music and original films festival

"... up to $125,000 production opportunity, up to $10,000 in worldwide distribution credits, 20 iPitch.tv awards, 3 InkTip awards, red-carpet live screenings in Los Angeles, year-round laurel awards... if there's one festival you should seriously consider, BLASTOFF is it!  The rewards and benefits for great films and screenplays are fantastic..."

Welcome, dear filmmaker.  You want people, a lot of people, to see your short or feature film, especially the right people.  We can make that happen.  Of course, we have screenings in Los Angeles, but more than that BLASTOFF has platforms that request our best films and stream them, locally and all over the world, for industry movers and shakers, including producers, directors, potential investors, agents, great actors, terrific crew members, and movie-lovers generally.  It's a chance to skyrocket your credibility and respect in the industry! We call it BLASTOFF EXPOSURE.

We issue our beautiful "nominee" laurels year-round to exceptional, high-scoring films. That award qualifies your film for consideration in our final winners' pool.

SCREENWRITERS take a look at a $125,000 production opportunity in the AWARDS section.

Talent and success are magnets for industry people. Success gets them to sit up and take notice, maybe take an interest in working with you on your next film. Your prior success has festivals eager to screen that next film.  Success breeds more success... and so it grows.  All gold, all possible with our "Show the World" awards. Boom! BLASTOFF EXPOSURE.

We are passionate about the success of your films, and we work tirelessly for our winners.  There are 2 more films from last season already in worldwide distribution, and more in QC (Quality Control preparation) pending distribution.  That's why we make our films, isn't it?  So that the world will see and recognize our talent.  Boom... yup, you already know...

BLASTOFF celebrates dedication and hard work.  All submission categories are eligible for awards, including best performer (non gender specific), music, cinematography, and stunt-work.

Songwriters, film-score composers, and sound-designers, you elevate a film to places it could never go without your talent. We know that, and we salute you with categories specific to you  and awards to honor your work. 


When you submit to BLASTOFF you gain access to a world in which successful filmmakers are rewarded for their creativity, courage, and the massive energy required to make a film.  It's a life-changing opportunity!  Take it.  You've earned it.  You deserve BLASTOFF EXPOSURE.

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