DCP 2K or 4K 
Up to 120 minute film.
Max 20GB download file.
Extra fee for larger files.
$4 US per finished minute
with a $40 minimum.
No rush-fee on 3 Day turnaround
Up to 120 minute film / 1920x1080 aspect.
Max 20GB download file.
Extra fee for larger files.
Master - $25 US
$15 first disc, then $12 each thereafter
There is an extra $25 charge to convert a film
from other aspects to the required 1920x1080.
No rush-fee on 3 Day turnaround
(with up to 10-disc creation) 
It's so easy to order.
FIRST, request an email quote, using the email below.
From an online invoice, make a payment.
Supply us with a download link to your finished file.
We'll take care of the rest. 
Mail a request for a DCP or BluRay quote,
and include the information, as requested below.
Please supply the following information.
1. Your name and mailing address.
2. What is your film's total runtime?
3. Format of your film file: example - mov or mp4.
4. Size of your film file (preferably under 20GB).
5. Aspect ratio? 1920 x 1080 works best for BluRay.
6a   Do you require a DCP?
6b   How many?
7a   Do you require BluRay discs?
7b   How many?
...and never miss any of the
generous submission discount codes
award announcements, and festival news
from BLASTOFF and our partners.

We will NOT bother you.
No endless marketing nonsense... promise !

Click here to submit your project... then sit back and smile !

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