BLAST past all the hype, straight to a distribution deal.  Isn't that why we make our films?  So that the world will watch?  Our festival makes that possible.  A win or nomination at BLASTOFF can send your film straight to worldwide digital distribution.  No hype.  FACT.   Look at the possibilities.


Our awards offer a real path to success in the industry, a way to reclaim some of the hard-spent dollars you invested in your film, a chance for fans to see your work on screens all over the world, and a chance to enjoy the respect and rewards you deserve for having pressed on, no doubt under sometimes incredibly difficult circumstances, chasing your dreams, and completing your film.

Over and above all of the laurels which our talented filmmakers and writers can win, the props you get when you do win, and the extended credibility you get when industry heavies notice your work, over and above all that, it's a beautiful thing knowing that people all over the world may be watching your film, some of them streaming, renting, or purchasing it.


BLASTOFF is proudly partnered with InkTip


Producers have made more than 375 films from scripts and writers found through InkTip.

Companies who are InkTip members include: ABC, Anonymous Content, APA, CBS Films, HBO Films, ICM, Paradigm, Paramount Pictures, Hallmark Channel, FX, Universal, WME, Echo Lake, Zero Gravity, Bad Robot, 20th Century Fox, and many more.


BLASTOFF is proudly partnered with

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Firstly, you'll want to know that you don't have to wait until notification date to get a BLASTOFF laurel on your poster.   We issue our beautiful "nominee" laurels year-round to exceptional, high-scoring films. That award qualifies your film for consideration in our winners' pool.


Los Angeles award events include fun-filled screenings and awards ceremonies. International distribution awards  offer a direct path to huge success in the industry.

One truly outstanding script may be selected for production ( value up to approximately $125,000 ) and worldwide distribution by the multi award-winning LunarSea ® Studios.  BUT... it must be a truly outstanding script.  The selected script will be  made as an animated CGI film.  It doesn't necessarily have to be written for animation - the last LunarSea ® production-script was written for live action, and was beautifully adapted by LunarSea ® for CGI animation.  See the trailer here : A GUIDING LIGHT


Select films will be eligible for a profit-sharing digital distribution package for submission to streaming and sales outlets all over the world. By industry standards, this award could be worth up-to $10,000 in discounted QC and submission preparation fees.


LUNARSEA ® STUDIOS script production (see above).

There will be 10 one-year subscriptions and 10 three-month subscriptions to awarded to select submitters.

Three winners will receive an InkTip Script Listing to promote their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents. 


​Finalists are eligible for BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED AWARD LAURELS. Winners  will receive laurels and  BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED AWARD CERTIFICATES.  


Awards will be made, if appropriate, as follows:
® Studios production of a selected script ( value up to approximately $125,000 )
Worldwide digital distribution deals

Master of the Logline

Best Screenplay opening 5 pages

Best Screenplay
Best Director
Best Student Director
Best Leading Actor or Actress
Acting - Best Leading Team
Acting - Best Ensemble
Best Stunt Work 
Best Feature Film
Best Animated short film
Best Student Film
Best Short Film
Best Web/TV episode
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Song in a film
Best Original Score
Best Original Score in an unfinished project
Best Visual FX 
Best Title/Credits Design
Jury Award
Honorable Mention

Please note that we reserve the right to add, update, change, or cancel any awards or festival events without notice, depending on the current or future status of vendors/sponsors/partners and/or co-promoters and their agreements with us. 

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